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17 Tips to Hire Dedicated Magento 2 Developers

9 May 2022

Who are Magento 2 Developers?

Magento 2 developers are the front-end developers who usually use the admin panel to create system configurations related to the website's design. This deals with the appearance of the specific page. This is a tough job, and therefore, extensive experience and a deep understanding of the Magento 2 platform are highly required.

Why do You Need to Hire a Magento 2 Developer?

hire magento 2 developer

Before you plan to develop your ecommerce website, it is imperative to know your requirements and you need to identify why you need it.

To get the maximum benefit of this sophisticated tool to run your online business in full swing, you need to know the nitty-gritty of this CRM platform. Here are some of the benefits of taking the help of an expert Magento 2 developer.

Save your time:

For a successful business, time is more than money, and a Magento 2 (adobe ecommerce) development specialist can help you save a lot of it.

He can handle the complex coding and other stuff of the web development part and free you and your valuable resources to utilize their time to focus on the core business activities like planning, sales and marketing, business development, and all.

Provide technical assistance:

If you hire Magento 2 certified developer, he does not only works on the website development but also helps you to enhance the skill of your technical team and assist you to succeed on the digital platforms. Being a highly specialized platform, you need proper assistance on your website's development, theme management, customization, updates, and upgrades. A sound developer can help you with all these prospects.

Modification and customization:

Developing a professional website is an arduous task. And to convert the maximum number of visitors to your potential customers, you need a unique and attractive website.

Using his creativity and technical knowledge, an expert Magento 2 developer can provide you with a user-friendly and customized website that can mitigate your business requirements. The most satisfying part is taking the developer's support whenever you can modify it.

High security and performance:

Your website is the mine of your data, and you do not want to compromise with those. Hiring a professional developer is the most intelligent step to getting an efficient website with stringent security.

Knowledgeable Magento 2 developers are well-versed with the eCommerce websites' security aspects and understand the importance of a high-performing web page. 

When do You Need to Hire a Magento 2 Developer?

Expert developers of this efficient platform can support you in several situations. Some of the major cases when you need a Magento programmer are

Theme development:

User interface is the main aspect of a great website. If you need a great theme for your ecommerce website, you should take help of an expert developer. They are good in Magento theme design from PSD, designing of sketches and illustrators.

Magento extension:

When your business expands, you need to scale up your website as well. High skilled programmers can efficiently handle tailored Magento extension creation, configuration and customization of those extensions, and bug fixing.

Completion of unfinished projects:

If you are facing challenges to complete the unfinished web development project, go for a team of Magento developers.  A group of experienced developers helps you to finish the pending task quickly. This is beneficial for the uninterrupted running of your business.

Integration with other platforms:

Your business may have several other software solutions for accounting, payments and shipments, inventory management, and customer management. It is vital that all your solutions operate is a synchronized way. When you want to complete this business-critical task, you should hire a Magento 2 developer.

Migration to latest Magento version:

Do you feel that your old website needs a revamp? Want to avail the latest features without loosing the legacy system? Ask for a Magento programmer to migrate your legacy website to the feature loaded Magento platform.

They are expert in migrating the existing database of customers, orders, suppliers and products. During the migration process, your website’s URL structure, SEO activities and other components remains intact.

Upgrade from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0:

Magento is a dynamic platform and releases frequent updates and security patches. These are mission critical for availing latest features and keeping your business data safe.

Hire a developer who is expert in Magento and observe a quick shift from the old version to the latest one. These programmers help you to install the latest security patch and update the theme and plugin versions in no time.

What does a Magento 2 developer do?

If we talk holistically, a Magento developer is responsible for building, improving, and supporting a Magento-based website. But there are many in-depth tasks that the developer performs while working on the project. 

Magento developers can be segregated into two different categories.

Front-end Magento developers:

These are the people who ensure the aesthetics, design, and beauty, along with the responsiveness of your website. It is their duty to ensure the web site's performance on any device, mobile, or computer. They perform the create Magento themes and designing part.

Back-end Magento developers:

On the other hand, these developers work on the functionalities and features of the website through existing Magento extensions or bespoke code.

Magento 2 Development service

A typical Magento 2 developer performs the below tasks.

  • Installation and configuration of Magento website
  • Creating themes from the given Magento designs
  • Enhance the loading performance by making it all-device friendly
  • Make sure that the website supports multilingual and multicurrency setups.
  • Installation of Magento, testing and configuring different payment gateways. 
  • Integration of other systems with Magento. These may include accounting software, CRM platforms, and any other software related to the business.
  • Performing audits at regular intervals to check the performance of the website

How to shortlist Magento 2 developer professionals?

Hiring Magento 2 developer is not an easy task. You need to follow the proper steps to get the right person to develop the most crucial part of your business- your website. There are some prerequisites you need to keep in mind while shortlisting a suitable developer. 

Here are some specific points which will help to shortlist the best developer.

Check reviews and references:

Customer reviews and ratings are one of the most authentic ways to select the best developer. The client’s evaluation and ratings provide ample information about the candidate’s profile, professionalism, and job excellence.

Check their professional media profiles like LinkedIn, find what people shared about the person, and check remarks and comments. References also, work well in this case. If required, ask for references and talk to them.

It will give you a fair idea about the capability and professionalism of the developer.

Check for portfolio and certifications:

A strong portfolio and certifications, especially on the Magento platform, are great for a good developer. This will help you understand the skill level, completed works, and working methodology.

If the developer previously worked on similar projects like yours, it would give an added advantage.

Moreover, you can check the testimonials of the developer, which will provide you with confidence in the Magento 2 developer.

Take a paid test to judge the skill level:

Paid tests are efficient ways to get the right person on the job. A paid test will give you the correct decision-making information when you are unsure whether a person is an excellent match for your project.

This will reduce the shortlisting time and efforts for you. There are several Platforms like Codility and Devskiller provide an opportunity to arrange an automated pre-employment test.

Share your project requirements while shortlisting:

It is vital to share your needs and expectations clearly with the developer. Clear two-way communication regarding the project specifications and necessary guidelines will not only help you to get the desired outcome but also reduce the number of revisions from the developer.

Make sure that the Magento 2 developer is clear and aligned with your requirements and deadlines.

Budget and payment terms:

Budget is a crucial factor when you plan to shortlist a developer for your eCommerce web development project on Magento.

Transparent communication on the budget head with an explicit cut agreement on the payment term will save you from future ambiguities.

Based on the project size, you can initially decide on your own budget and payment procedure and later communicate to the developer during negotiation. If both of you come to an agreement, it's fine to go ahead with the shortlisting.

How much does it cost to hire a Magento 2 developer?

The cost of hiring a Magento 2 developer has a significant impact on the overall web development cost, and you should know it before planning your budget for the project. As one of the leading Magento development agencies, let us share with you the factors that impact the cost of hiring. 

The hourly rate of the developer depends on several factors. Some of them are knowledge and skills level of the developer, how much experience does the developer have, the problem-solving attitude, certification, and many other aspects. The cost also can vary depending on the complexity of the website, level of customization, features and designs etc. 

For a better understanding of the hourly rate by the geography, we have listed down the country-wise approximate hourly rate of Magento 2 developer.

Country Magento Developer Hourly Rate
Australia $80-140
The USA $90-160
Canada $80-140
Mexico $40-80
Germany $60-120
Italy $40-85
Ukraine $30-65
uk $50-90
Poland $35-90
Netherlands $55-95
India $25-65

It may seem that the cost to hire Magento 2 developer is high, but this is an investment for the future of your business. Having a great eCommerce website with a fantastic user interface and loaded features can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Some significant benefits of working With a Professional Magento 2 developers are listed below.

Customized website development:

A professional developer not only understands your business requirements but also suggest how you can make the most of the Magento platform. You can be rest assured that you would get an efficient and high-performing website for your eCommerce business.

Using the latest technology and tools for your web development, a professional developer makes sure that you get the newest version and extension of Magento which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

SEO updates:

In addition to a great user experience, your website also needs to be easily explored by the search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. An expert Magento developer usually has a knack for SEO updates. They are not SEO experts, but indeed, they can implement SEO changes quickly.

Cost-saving capabilities:

Having a specialized Magento developer means a lot of money-saving. Through their extensive experience, they can bring a bunch of skills with them along with web development.

They can deal with complex code troubleshooting quicker than a newbie, and you can also focus on the core business activities.

Can help to avoid fatal errors:

A professional developer is much more experienced than a beginner and knows how to efficiently prevent or deal with errors. They can make sure to implement the best practices of the industry and adheres to Magento standards. 

It is pretty apparent that while you launch the website, there will be bugs and other errors which need to be fixed. A talented and skillful developer knows the root cause and how to fix those issues within a brief span of time.

What does an advanced Magento 2 developer need to know?

Whenever you plan to hire a Magento developer for your website; there are some must check activities you need to perform. You need to judge the person, and for that you should know what an advanced Magento developer should know or what are the skill sets that person should have. 

It is obvious that you will check all the qualifications, resume, work portfolio, certificates, and reviews. But it is imperative to understand his knowledge, passion for development and dedication.

expert magento 2 developer

Development experience:

As Magento is a complex system to operate and maintain, an expert developer with extensive experience is highly recommended to execute essential tasks on your online store.

Apart from having great development experience, he should know the skills to connect the dots and merge the passion and skills to customize your website. An advanced developer understands the below activities.

  • Magento website development
  • Custom eCommerce solutions
  • Magento module and theme development
  • Custom extension development
  • Shopping cart development

Industry knowledge:

Along with the experience, a good Magento developer should know the nitty-gritty about the related industry. As the eCommerce industry is highly dynamic, the industry knowledge and updates help a developer to deliver the most advanced product.

Good understanding of the Magento versions like Enterprise, Go, and Community, the features, and how those can help your website stand apart are vital points for an expert developer.

Imaginative Perspective:

You must find some Magento developer who has good imaginative power. Creating a unique and attractive web designs, homepages, and versatile e-commerce stores from the base needs a lot of imagination and creative thinking.

Knowledge of JavaScript development:

Another important thing that a Magento developer needs to know is the JavaScript development process. Along with a deep understanding of CMS and MVC frameworks, mastery on JavaScript helps the developer to bring flexibility and add custom functionality in the form of modules which are an integral part for the customization of your website.

Skills to be a team player:

Developing a sophisticated Magento website is sometimes a big task that needs a team of experts. Therefore, apart from the strength of working alone, the developer should be able to work within a team and deliver the best in quick and clever ways.

To deliver the project successfully on time, collaborative work is essential, and here comes the importance of being a team player.

Why are Magento 2 developers in demand?

In this section, we will bring some statistics to make you understand the importance of a Magento website. And this will automatically answer your question- Why are Magento 2 developers in demand?

  • The global market share of Magento in the eCommerce segment is 2.32%.
  • If compared to the growth prospect with the competitors, eCommerce businesses that use Magento grow 3 percent quicker.
  • There are more than 250,000 Magento websites run globally, and out of the 11,000 websites have updated themselves to Magento 2.0.
  • After WooCommerce accounts for 30% and Shopify for 18%, Magento is the third largest eCommerce platform with 9% eCommerce market.
  • Many big brands like Ford, Omega Watches, Christian Louboutin, Bulgari, Liverpool FC, Pepe Jeans, Land Rover, and Harvey Nichols are using Magento for their websites and are getting huge traffics.

Therefore, as per the above statistics, it is very clear that there are numerous advantaged to hire Magento 2 developers, and that’s why large organizations are using this CMS platform.

17 Tips to Hire Dedicated Magento 2 developers

Hire a person with prior experience with Magento:

Since Magento is crucial to work upon, previous experience is a significant factor when hiring dedicated Magento 2 developers. The person should have in-depth knowledge of coding, architecture, modules, integration, and extension.


If you wish to have an excellent eCommerce website, you must focus on quality. Check for the work samples of previous projects and assess whether the developer can match your expected quality or not. How stringent is the testing and QC process, and what kind of quality tools they use for the web development matter a lot?

Check the communication process:

Make sure the developer can communicate properly. It is crucial for you to get timely updates and issues related to the development. The communication should be transparent and clear.

Should be flexible and passionate:

Passion for the technology and work is an important factor while selecting a developer. It helps him to be updated about the industry and market trends.

Check the availability of the developer:

Check for the availability of the developer before you finalize. A dedicated Magento developer should be available round the clock and even after the development. Post-development support is a crucial thing, and you must ensure that you get it correctly. This will help you to run your business without any hindrance.

Along with experience, check other aspects:

In addition to experience, look for different elements. Do you hire a person without determination, persistence, curiosity, and drive? These behavioral aspects are vital to getting exceptional service.

Evaluate through small projects:

A portfolio or a face-to-face discussion is not enough when you are planning to hire a web developer. It's better to test the skillsets through the right candidate assessment tool. You can ask for a paid sample development to get an idea.

Pick a Learner, Not Just a Developer:

The web development industry is ever-changing, and a good developer must keep himself updated. Implementing new technology is beneficial for simplifying things and saving time. You should look for a learner, not just a developer.

Make sure you get the post-development support:

web development is a continuous process. Your website needs an update from time to time, and therefore, a post-development support is highly required. Check how the developer can provide after-development support to release on-time updates, incorporate new features as soon as Magento releases them, updating security regularly & so on. 

What Should You Hire - A Back-end Or A Front-end Developer:

Before you decide to hire Magento 2 developer, make sure you are clear about your requirement? Design and development are two different, but essential aspect and both back-end and front-end developers play a significant role in the web development. You need your website to be catchy and feature-loaded at the same time. 

Front -Back end Developers

What is your preference -A Dedicated, Part-time, Or an Agency:

Depending on the project requirement, you can decide to go with a dedicated developer, a part-time freelancer, or an agency. Large projects usually need expert hands, and therefore, hiring an agency is preferable. If your project is not in the critical completion stage, a freelancer can work well. Or opt for a dedicated developer.

magento Web Development Comapny

Check for certifications:

Certifications are the showcase of expertise. Check for Magento certification, which can give you a fair idea about the capabilities of the developers.

Go through the list of clients:

Before you sign the agreement, check for their clientele. Having good companies in the list reflects an authentication. Go through their websites and check how easily you can navigate there. Ask yourself whether your expectations are matching with the available designs or not.

Check for customization:

Customization is mission critical to make your website unique. Make sure the developer can provide you the required customization. It requires good amount of technical knowledge and creativity.

Explore the location:

Many times, you need the developer to be on the site. It makes thingseasier tocommunicate and comprehend. If your project requires such on-site presence, prefer to hire someone nearer to your workplace.

Talk to references:

A resume or a portfolio is not enough to judge the qualities of a developer. Before you hire a developer for your web development project, it’s always better to talk to the developer’s previous or existing clients. You will get a fair idea not only about the skills but also about the attitude and behaviors. A positive feedback surely boost your confidence.

Checkout the project understanding:

Finally, the most critical factor is understanding your project clearly. Before you sign the contract, make sure that the developer has understood your project, its timeline, your expectations and the end outcome clearly.


As Magento is a sophisticated yet high on-demand platform, it is always beneficial to have a professional Magento 2 developer for your website. After all, this is the front facia of your business, and in the current scenario, your website can make or break a deal.

Hiring a suitable person is not an easy task, we, therefore, crafted this article to make your job easy and efficient. Hope this will illuminate many hazy areas regarding the topic.

What are you waiting for then? If you want to enhance your business and make the most of the digital platform, develop your business website. If you have any query, we are there to solve your problem, just one call away.