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15 Tips to Hire Shopify Developers

11 October 2022

Hiring Shopify developers can be a daunting task. There are lots of options out there. And choosing the best one can be complicated.

That is why we created this list of the best Shopify developers. We interviewed them and asked them questions about their process, their rates, and their specialties.

We compiled all their answers into this post so that you can spend less time on the research and more time choosing who to hire and get the job done. So, let’s get started.

What is a Shopify Developer?

hire shopify developers

A Shopify developer is someone who specializes in developing eCommerce websites and solutions using the Shopify platform. They know how to build custom functionality for your store or develop a custom theme from scratch.

Also, a Shopify expert understands the core features of this platform like inventory management, payment gateways, shipping options, checkout process, etc. They are aware of the constraints and potential of these platforms., so they can use them to build the best user experience for your users.

Shopify is one of the platforms that will enable you to accomplish all your goals. In over 175 countries, online sellers use Shopify to run their online stores. Shopify powers more than 4 million e-commerce sites.

What are the benefits of Shopify app development?

If you want to have a bucket of feature-riched tools, Shopify stores are loaded with them. Still, when you want to get a tailored online business store, you need to think differently. And here comes the requirement of the Shopify app.

  • Shopify app store can offer you numerous integrations that can make the work easier for the merchant. It boosts efficiency and provides great options in marketing, operations, analytics, and more.
  • These applications can easily provide you with the eCommerce store’s data which, in turn, gives you a lot of insight into your business.
  • Users can analyze the customer's behavior, purchasing trends, the sales analytics, and utilize them to use more customer-centric strategies.
  • Scalability is another positive point of Shopify applications. As your business expands, you need to scale up your online store as well and, in this case, a non-scalable platform stops your growth.
  • Shopify app can be easily expanded with more advanced features, and you can integrate it with different social media platforms to leverage its power.
  • Last but not the least, Shopify apps are easy to customize. Being a business owner, you obviously want your online store to stand out from the crowd. Here with the help of the Shopify app, you can create unique offerings as per your need and market trends.

Why do You Need to Hire Shopify Developer?

Now as you understood the benefits of using the Shopify platform for eCommerce websites, you must be curious to know why it is imperative to get a developer.

  • As Shopify developers, they have many responsibilities to do. They need to cover many tasks and duties daily, such as improving an existing site, designing a website from scratch or integrating an app into a site. Here is the list of everyday tasks that a Shopify developer performs:
  • The primary job of a Shopify expert is to make the store look better to the visitors. So, the visitor can convert into a buyer.
  • To differentiate it from the other stores, they may add some unique features that can cater to the brand more.
  • Also, they can add any functionalities that are beneficial for your visitors and brand.
  • Adding payment gateways or payment methods. In other words, handling the checkout process in a store.
  • The developer must have prior knowledge about marketing tools, Shopify Apps, and the apps that can extend the functionality offered by the store.
  • Shopify developers need to know about the theme design module so that they can customize the default template or theme to build a unique UI for visitors.
  • They are also responsible for optimizing SEO for the store so that the conversation rate can increase as more people visit the store.

Here are a few reasons why you should require an Expert Shopify developer:

Launch a Shopify Store:

An expert developer will help you launch your online store quickly and affordably. They can help you set up everything in your store, from products to checkout.

Test your Shopify Store for Errors and Bugs:

Bugs and errors are expected when developing and even while running an eCommerce store. So, to ensure your website's performance and functionality works smoothly, you need an expert Developer. Reduced downtime means more business.

Custom Functionality:

For online stores to grow and expand, they need more functionalities and features. More features mean more conversions to your eCommerce store, and more conversions mean more revenue.

Create SEO for your Shopify Store (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is essential for any website, especially an online store's website. Shopify developers have more excellent knowledge about how search engines work, so they can optimize your online store so that it appears at the top of search results.

Add Custom Marketing Features:

Doing something different can help you gain more customers. Same as adding custom functionality, it gives you extra exposure in your niche.

Also, they can add marketing methods like newsletters, push notifications, social media integration, etc., that can help you reach your audience quickly and stay engaged with them.

Integrate Payment Gateway with Shopify Store:

An online store can only succeed if it accepts online payments. Shopify provides numerous payment options to help you with that.

They can integrate payment gateway for various currencies depending on your visitors' locations so you can cater to them. It will result in more conversions and better revenue for your store, making it convenient for them to buy from you.

How much is the cost to hire a Shopify expert?

Shopify experts are usually hired on an hourly basis. You can expect a pay band of $25-$50 per hour for a Shopify expert.

Rates depend on various things, like the developer's expertise, experience, and demand in the market.

Here is a list of the rates for beginner to expert-level Shopify developers.

Expertise Pay per hour
Beginners $10-$25
Intermediate $20-$50
Experts $50-$100

Different regions have different prices too. Here is the estimated average cost to hire someone for Shopify Integration in different continents: (source)

Zone Pay
Eastern Europe $30-$65
Africa $25-$45
Asia $20-$45
Latin America $30-$70

What are the Benefits of Working With a Professional Shopify Developer?

When you hire an expert for your Shopify store development needs, you can take advantage of their years of experience and expertise. Here are the top benefits that they offer you:

Enhance Customer Experience:

For an eCommerce store, customer experience is the number one priority. A specialist can build the backend of the store properly and design the front end of it too. It will give your store a better user experience, giving your customers a favorable impression whenever they visit the site.

Boost the Store Performance:

You don't want the visitors to leave your store because of a slow-loading store. An expert can optimize the servers and speed up the store's loading. As most customers tend to leave the store if it takes even a second to load, you must ensure that the site is loaded quickly.

Protect your store from hackers:

Security is an essential aspect of protecting your business. Mainly, when selling online, it is essential to minimize your chances of security vulnerability that hackers may exploit.

Developers assure your store's security by integrating an SSL certificate and meeting PCI compliance standards for the customers so that you prevent facing any security issues on platforms.

Keeps Your Store Updated:

To compete with your rivals in the eCommerce market, you must ensure that your online store is always performing at an optimum level. It requires constant updates to your store's extensions, themes, and features. A developer helps you to remain updated with your online store's functionality and aesthetics.


Most consumers surf the web using their mobile devices, making responsiveness a key factor. A developer assures you that your online store will be mobile-friendly and that the product images and videos will appear beautifully on mobile screens.

Is it worth it to hire a Shopify expert?

Yes, it is worth hiring an expert. An expert in caring for and setting up your website will save you time and money. A Shopify expert allows you to invest your time in other essential tasks while ensuring that your online store is in top shape and working well.

Not only does it give you the time, but you can also get many benefits from hiring an expert, which I mentioned earlier.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Develop a Shopify Ecommerce Store?

Shopify Ecommerce Developers

Creating a Shopify account is not a tough task. But it takes just a bit of time to learn how to create a professional-looking site, provide unique content and effectively market the website to maximize sales conversion.

You need to open an account, choose a template, add products, create a copy, adding shipping and payment methods. It will take around 8-10 days if you don't have the proper knowledge. If you hire someone who knows, it should take only 2-3 days.

15 Tips to Hire Shopify Developers

Must Do Tips

Hiring a professional for your Shopify development needs is not a simple task at all. You need to follow specific guidelines before you hire someone to work for you:

  1. Do not hesitate to talk to a few candidates and hire someone more knowledgeable and capable of developing your online store.
  2. Check out the sites they have developed, the customer's feedback, the points they have mentioned, and their experience.
  3. Discuss the work process conducted with them and clarify all your doubts before you make a hire.
  4. Experience matters a lot in hiring a Shopify Expert to build your store. So, hiring a more experienced developer who can deliver you quality work in less time is better.
  5. Make sure to hire someone who has worked with many clients across many sectors.
  6. Consider someone who offers other services along with web development services so that you can save some money by availing of their other services.
  7. Make sure they provide round-the-clock support for their customers so that you get proper assistance whenever you face any issues with your online store.
  8. Check their pricing plans and ask all your doubts before you hire them so that you do not face any legal issues later.
  9. Ask for a complete breakdown of all the expenses before they start working for you so that there are no hidden charges in the future.
  10. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract with them to avoid any legal issues in the future.
  11. Communication plays a crucial role in the success of your business, so always hire a more communicative developer who can provide you with fast service.
  12. Please discuss your requirements in detail so they can deliver the product per your expectations.
  13. Try to learn as much as possible from their official website or social media pages like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  14. Choose someone who is reliable and can provide timely support whenever you need them.
  15. Ask for trial work before hiring them so that you know whether they can perform up to your expectations or not.


In conclusion, I suggest you hire an expert to help you with all your needs regarding the Shopify online store. I feel that you need an expert to develop your eCommerce store because you will invest a significant amount of money to create an online store. You cannot take care everything yourself, and you need a professional to take care of them.

The above mention tips will help you hire an expert for Shopify development. I hope this article was helpful for you, and that you can hire the right developer for your eCommerce business.

How long did it take to develop your Shopify store? Tell us in the comments.