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Outsource SEO Work - Benefits,Time, How and Where To Do

27 june 2022

Today’s world spins on the tip of the finger. With one touch of a button, anything can be learned effortlessly. However, one can get easily trapped and confused amidst the number of results. But that is where search engine optimization comes to our rescue, feeding us with the results most suited to us.

The scenario on the other side of the screen is a bit complicated. With the advent and accessibility of mass media, everybody has a website and there is infinite content for almost everything. There is high competition, and nobody wants to end up on the second search results page of google. So, for both the user and the search result, SEO is the only knight in shining armor.

SEO marketing Strategy

Search engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a process by which website content is easily available on searching, relevant to user’s needs, and popular among other similar content on the internet, which is attained by modulation and adjustment of the website configuration, popularity, and relatability.

Why Should you do SEO?

SEO is now the most important thing for brands to work upon. As the consumers are now mostly available online, this is affordable and efficient way to reach the maximum target audience. Bu to make the most of it, you need to understand why you should opt SEO for your business website. Here are some of the notable points.

SEO improves credibility and trust:

The first impression of your website is enough to build an initial confidence and credibility on your visitor. And SEO is the foundation to make it. A neat and clean website which shares necessary information and easy for the visitor to navigate, surely impresses the person. Moreover, Search engines also find it easy to find and crawl through the webpage.

The combination of visitors’ trust and the easiness for search engines to explore the website, gives the brand a status of authority which people can rely on.

Know you VOC (Voice of Customer):

When you are dealing with online business, it is imperative to know the customer’s demand. But how do you understand the voice of customer?

SEO shares the client’s taste in granular details and illuminate the nitty-gritty of macro market. To be specific, you can find your customer’s intents through

  • Search data
  • SERP analysis
  • AI insights and analytics

SEO improves the Buying cycle:

The most important aspect of a brand is the presence at the right place and at right time. Your brand must be visible where people want to connect with it. SEO helps to improve your brand’s visibility to the appropriate place where you actually want to get notices and provides the solution to the customers.

SEO is an investment, not expenditure:

SEO will cost you initially. But this is true for every business asset. In long terms, SEO can help you to grow your business by multifold and save you a lot of money. It is your investment which works as a backend of the front face of your business and continuously boosts its presence, visibility, searchability and attractive features.

When should I think about offshore outsourcing my SEO project?

Outsourcing is often the best solution for an organization in several situations. And it varies from company to company. You need to understand your business situation and decide when to outsource your SEO project.

Usually, you need to decide offloading the SEO work to when

  • You find it difficult to manage their SEO campaigns by themselves.
  • You want to focus more on the core business and don’t get enough time and skilled resources to perform the task by themselves.
  • Despite of making inhouse efforts to manage SEO, you are unable to get the desired results
  • It is difficult for you to learn the deep technical of SEO like On-page, Off page and technical aspects of SEO
  • It is not worth for you to implement the essential SEO changes like backend updates, by your inhouse team.

What should you know before using SEO?

For the growth in the business of an internet-based enterprise, SEO is, as they say, “Before Anything Else”. In today’s world digital marketing is synonymous with search engine optimization. The competition to appear among the top searches of a search engine keeps on heating up.

Moreover, with better web design and quality content writing, everybody has to keep up their A-game to provide a better user experience and resultantly increase the time spent on the website. Furthermore, with the easy availability of smartphones, internet searching is spiking at an all-time greater rate.

Google alone occupies about 80% of the internet traffic, hosting about 3.5 billion searches every day.

One can dream of the business scenario if he/she can manage a place among top-ranked searches. Such rank will enhance the credibility to channel internet traffic, resulting in leads, which will eventually turn into sales.

With searches becoming real-time, small-scale businesses can benefit a lot from proper SEO. With online shopping being the way of the day, and its prospects to evolve, intelligent investment in SEO can be a fruitful business decision.

Steps for effective SEO

Nowadays, if you are not smart, you are not good. Therefore, if our TVs and phones are smart, so are the search engines. Modulating the internet traffic is not an easy task and definitely not hackable.

So, while planning a proper SEO strategy, one should always keep in mind certain things-

  • Content should be atural and fruitful rather than keyword-oriented.
  • Precision and exactness are the keys. Content that is based on a particular primary topic gets an essential boost while searching on the internet and is easily found.
  • When the topic is particular and straightforward, and we use the keywords at crucial points like the description, title, taglines, etc. a major chunk of SEO work is already done.
  • Crosslinking internal pages and other relevant links in the content of your website is another important step in SEO since it increases the time spent and improves the user experience.
  • The use of keywords of content in the permanent link of the website page helps in easy location by search engines.
  • A page that loads easily will have more visits and more readability.
  • The use of keywords in the title and description of graphic contents helps in finding the page through image search as well.
  • SEO is a dynamic process and to survive at the same search status, if not better, one should regularly update and provide newer content.
  • The website should be manually indexed in all popular search engines to increase its visibility in search results.
  • Design the website ergonomically from a user’s perspective while always producing quality content.
SEO Effective Step

SEO outsourcing

While all these things might seem comparatively simple. It is quite impossible to prepare content without distracting ourselves from the core aspects of your website content and gradually, compromising on quality. Moreover, with the increased market rivalry, one cannot think of achieving goals like generating a high return of income (ROI), increasing market revenue, and boosting customer acquisition manually or with an in-house SEO team.

White label SEO outsourcing

In the modern outsourcing scenario, there is another popular working structure which is known as White label outsourcing. And if you are not familiar with this term, you may be missing great opportunities.

White label SEO outsourcing service simply reflects a scenario where in the B2B space, you partner with another SEO agency who handles all your client’s SEO projects like backlinks, technical SEO, or content creation. And all the activities are done under your brand name.

This business model helps you to expand your SEO service offerings without adding more resources and extra headache.

What does white label SEO mean?

Nowadays, often SEO outsourcing companies provide SEO services under their brand, but for the benefit of others without taking any credit for the work. These companies are white-label companies and they have certain advantages if chosen for outsourcing. A white label SEO partnership benefits both the agency and the reseller. The SEO team of professionals can work on regular projects without the hassle of building the customers. Additionally, the reselling company can have enough time to focus on their core work without bothering to think about search engine optimization.

Why to opt for a white label SEO agency?

This business structure is beneficial for both the parties – the reseller and the white label SEO agency.

In the present volatile and expensive digital market, it is difficult to attract new clients. White label SEO outsourcing provides continuous work to the agencies, and they need to focus only on delivering quality work for the reseller. This network usually works for a long term basis and this structure helps the white label agencies to get works at regular intervals.

On the other hand, the reseller company can focus on attracting new clients and on their core competencies. You do not need to think more on the deliverables and scale up your business significantly. And when your turn around time (TAT) is less, this improves your customer retention ratio.

Benefits of white label SEO Service


Services offered by White label SEO agency

In White label SEO outsourcing, agencies like Jeeltechsoft can provide services like

Link building: You can resell the massive link acquisitions to your clients with your own brand name and at your suitability.

Content creation: Creating SEO optimized contents for your clients that can help to boost their digital credibility and presence. In addition to this, for any specific campaign for your clients, you can get appropriate and quality contents under your brand within stipulated time.

Technical SEO: The skilled resources of the agency manage the backend of your clients websites and enhance the crawlability, indexability and efficiency.

Improve Brand reputation: Through white label SEO outsourcing you can help your client to improve their brand’s online visibility, engagement and reputation without involving your own time and resources.

White label SEO Services

What are the benefits of white label SEO?

White label SEOs provide paid search programs and online marketing campaigns with priceless knowledge from experts about analysis, content creation, and reports. Their recognized plans create more business opportunities to attain economies of your equivalent scale.

White-label SEOs provide faster turnover with regular rank reports in addition to their quality assured customized products.

Due to their objective nature of work, a goal-centric attitude helps in choosing a white-label SEO for the result-oriented features of SEO outsourcing.

Link building

One of the important features of white label SEOs is link building. This plays a key role in generating organic traffic. Link building is often synonymous with long-lasting organic search accomplishment. By definition, link building is the procedure of obtaining hyperlinks from other internet sites to your website.

Link building is very beneficial in business growth in the following aspects.

  • Outreaching to relevant blogs, product websites, etc. helps build long-term relationships with key influencers thus increasing business credibility.
  • One can redirect traffic from other links to his/her website as referrals which helps increase the clientele.
  • Good link-building exhibits your level of expertise on a particular topic which increases your brand value.

Why would many firms decide to outsource their SEO Work to an agency?

Therefore, to provide strong services to the clientele and at the same time grow the business on a larger scale SEO outsourcing services are sought after by companies from third part specialized parties. These companies upgrade search engine optimization from both on-page and off-page perspectives. After all, effective SEO demands expertise, planning, analysis, technology, and most importantly immeasurable scalability. Overall SEO outsourcing works through:

  • Thorough analysis of competition
  • Modulation of website configurations
  • Research on keywords
  • Strategized content creation
  • Optimization of current pages
  • Internal link-building
  • Creating an ergonomic and user-friendly template
  • Outreach creation
  • External link building

Outsourcing companies are available depending upon the level of services needed, from the scale of an individual to a multi-national firm. Depending on the desired output SEO outsourcing can be served by a third-party company, a digital marketing enterprise, or an independent contractor/developer. However, the most suggested outsourcing approach in terms of white-labelling, superiority, and scale-centric link-building is through a third-party SEO outsourcing company.

The gradual growth of an individual or enterprise required more focus on the content creation as per the target consumer group and its delivery. With SEO being a challenging job, and requiring a lot of investment of time and resources, outsourcing is certain to prevent scrappily, misaligned, and unequal decline in quality content.

Is it better to outsource SEO?

By outsourcing SEO, one can just smoothly gain the benefits of the skill while concentrating on content quality for organic results and growth as well as managing other aspects like marketing, research, and development for proper business growth. Faster results, exponential growth in communication and development, and expertise in organic search are the textbook cases of when to seek SEO outsourcing.

The primary benefits of outsourcing SEO include

Reduced costs

Outsourcing helps in achieving SEO expertise at a lower cost and thus helps save the undue investment in terms of recruitment, training, resources, taxes, software subscriptions, computer hardware, and most importantly, time.

Quick output

All the time spent by an in-house SEO team to be skillful in their respective work is saved by outsourcing to a third party with a team of experts, thus providing faster results.

Reduced risks

An expert and practiced team, sure on outsourcing prevent the risks of decline in search ranking or weakened foundation of the SEO program which may occur with an in-house team that is not able to see the bigger picture.

Effective increase in the scale of work

To outreach to a greater audience, increase content production or even attain a certain level of search ranking, outsourcing helps as the enterprise can save its internal resources for such upscaling while letting the third party do the SEO hardworking.

Increased ROI

An outsourced team can better deal with the demands of increased leads, customer acquisitions, market share, and revenue from the website along with high search rankings and traffic.

Site usability

Outsourced parties often reorder the website page to contain features like guest blogging and social media options which redesign the site architecture. Thus, search engines find it easy to crawl the site and find content as well as for users to find information and give valuable feedback and link similar content.

Brand mindfulness

Having the website in top searches surges the exposure of the site. Outsourcing however better modulates the webpage to be on the first page of search results as per associated keywords. This instills a sense of trust among users since first-page search results are seemingly trustworthy. This resultantly commences the formation of your own brand allowing more users to visit your website and associate with you.

Planning SEO Outsourcing

Specific steps are there to follow before partnering with a third party for SEO outsourcing:

Goal Setting

The most important step toward outsourcing SEO is to clearly state your needs in a detailed manner rather than vaguely talking about internet traffic. The target audience, target area, level of operation (local or global), availability of franchises, type of product and their sales status, leads and customer acquisition, competition, revenue, and customer relations, all of them determine that.

Determining services

We should have service requirements as per goals. Since these enterprises provide all kinds of on-page and off-page optimizing services, if you don’t know what you need, you may end up with unwanted investments with improper results. Comprehensive needs will demand full-service SEO companies. Services include keywords research, reputation management, outreach strategy, algorithm recovery, etc.

Time frame

Search engine optimization, though being dynamic, is a slow and gradual process. Achieving desired results take a time frame of a minimum of 12 months. Over this period, one can expect faster results. At the same time, we should refrain from any company that claims ridiculously lesser time, since there is the likelihood of using wrongful means like black hat methods, overstuffing, link funnelling, spinning other contents, using backlinks from spammy sites, etc, resulting in a penalty from the webmaster and even your site getting blacklisted.


The company to whom you are planning to outsource should be thoroughly checked for reputation through online presence and reviews. Key points to check comprise of

  • years in operation
  • availability to small business holders
  • competitors
  • customer relations
  • services offered
  • tools and technologies
  • available case studies
  • outsourcing/ reselling
  • testimonials

Obtaining SEO outsourcing

Often while outsourcing SEO, we tend to forget the universal vulnerability of sales pitches. However, being realistic and keeping attainable goals are very important in digital marketing. Some of the important points to consider during SEO outsourcing are

  • Always keep in mind that the investment in outsourcing should not be measured if long term marketing ROI is likely
  • No matter what metrics the company exhibits, your personalized SEO metrics should correspond to your business goals.
  • One should monitor constant and regular review of the SEO numbers by the company with quarterly reports and result-analysis to ensure goal-centric metrics.

What Do SEO and PPC Agencies Charge?

Hiring an SEO agency for your work is costly. Especially in the US, the average hourly charges is around $101 to $150 which is valid for approximately 40% cases. But if you opt for a renowned SEO agency, the charge may go up to $200 per hour.

If we compare the rates with other countries, the average charges are little bit less which is around $149 per hour. In all such cases, hiring an excellent Indian SEO outsourcing agency like JeelTechsoft, may cost you very less. The average charges are approximately $2819 per month. Though the charges depends on a variety of parameters like the type of work, timeline, complexities, the cost of hiring offshore SEO agencies surely cost you less.

With an experience of more than TWO decades, Jeeltechsoft is an expert SEO firm that is capable of delivering a complete SEO solution at a fast pace with overall transparency and at an affordable rate.

Pros and Cons of SEO Outsourcing

Before you decide to outsource your SEO work, you need to know the pros and cons of this model and then check the suitability according to your business need. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can help you to decide correctly.


Cost saving: Outsourcing SEO can be a big saving to your pocket. When you are assigning the SEO work, you are partnering with an expert agency who are great into this work. If you have to hire resources for the same task, that can be more expensive as salaries of SEO professional are high. Moreover, you can channelize your time and efforts towards more value adding works of your organization.

Exposure to expertise: SEO agencies have a pool of skilled and talented resources who can understand and deliver your requirements. This is not always available inhouse. Moreover, such companies always train their team, take actions for their skill development and use latest tools and technologies which, being a non-SEO company, you might not use to.

Time saving: Modern organizations are more concerned to their core business. Resource optimization and utilizing them to the full is the key to generate more revenue. In such case, an SEO agency can save you a lot of time by freeing up your own human resources who can rather generate more value to the core business.


Lesser control: By outsourcing your SEO work, you are giving the control of your front face to an agency. You need to share a lot of confidential information and data with them and your have very less control on the performance.

Selecting the right SEO partner: The most nerve-wrecking task in the SEO outsourcing process is to select the appropriate agency. If you wrongly select a non-performing partner, your business reputation is on stake. Moreover, SEO comes at a high price and need a significant time to get the results. Selecting a wrong agency can cost you on both the fronts. Investing on your website’s SEO is a vital decision and you need to make the choice after considering all the aspects.

Divided focus: You can have a single SEO agency for your business, but the agency surely has several customers to deliver at the same time. And surely, they also need focus on all the customers deliverables. Therefore, the way your might look on your own SEO, the company cannot. Therefore, it is essential to understand how your agency will devote time and efforts to work on your website’s SEO.

Questions you should ask before outsourcing your SEO Tasks

Before you opt for an SEO agency to perform the tasks for your business, you need to understand their working style, how they handle projects and how you will be benefitted by their offerings. And the best way to know more, is by asking questions. Here are some lists of questions that can help you to know the company better.

Question 1:- Do they work on any specific area or offers the overall package?

Question 2:- What are their strategies to deliver the work?

Question 3:- How they measure the success of the project?

Question 4:- What is their working process when need to work collaboratively with your inhouse team?

Question 5:- Whether they offer back-end support?

Question 6:- How about the payment terms? Whether it is based on milestone completion or before the delivery?

Question 7:- Do they provide any dedicated SOPC (Single Point of Contact) manager for the project of your business?

Question 8:- What are their post go-live support? Do they ask any charges for after-sales support?

Question 9:- Whether they have delivered any similar project earlier? If yes, can they share the details?

Question 10:- How do they manage the Keywork research, link-building and influencer marketing?

Question 11:- What are the tools they use during the project and measure the deliverables?

Question 12:- How do they report the progress of the project with you?

Question 13:- How do you deal if the project is not getting completed on the agreed timeline?

Few questions and answers which can help you to determine your outsourcing partner

Question 1:- How is the organization structure, especially for SEO team?

Ans:- This is a vital point to know before you outsource your SEO work. If the company does not have a well -structured team, then probably they are not doing it properly. A standard SEO agency must have the team of below professionals and there should be a defines reporting and escalation Metrix.

  • SEO Strategist
  • Content developers
  • Web developers and programmers
  • Project manager
  • Outreach manager

Question 2:- What are some of the SEO achievements of the SEO agency?

Ans:- Before you spend a huge money on your SEO work, check for the deliverables and success the company promises. Ask them for some proven results that they have delivered in past.

For example, the company must have some case studies which reflects the success, obviously supported by numbers. If they are a renowned organization, they must have testimonials on their website. Moreover, ask for some references from their clientele to check for the feedback.

Question 3:- Is there any project where they failed? How do they responded to such cases?

Ans:- It is also important to know how they respond to failures. You can ask for some projects where they have failed. No agency is perfect and therefore, this question will provide you the insight about the truthfulness and maturity about the company. If they are good at their work, they must have developed some action plans to overcome such failures.

Question 4:- What kind of pricing model do they offer?

Ans:- As you are planning to spend thousand of dollars, you must consider that it suits your budget and the work can be performed smoothly without any ambiguity. Therefore, the pricing model and payment terms should capture all the essentials to save you from loss.

SEO is a continuous process and usually take few weeks to months. Therefore, you should ask for a milestone payment model or a monthly payment term whichever suits you. But if the agency is asking for a full advance payment, then it can be a red flag.

Question 5:- What are the terms if the you discontinue the contract?

Ans:- This is the tricky part of any contract and you must make everything clear regarding this point.

If the contract is terminated before the completion of the project, how the agency will behave? Whether you can keep the already-delivered work with you, or they will rip everything and ask for a proprietary right for the entire work? Or there will be any other repercussions of the contract termination? Its is always better to keep everything in the contract.

How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?

According to ahrefs polls on LinkedIn and Twitter: It typically takes between 3–6 months for SEO to show results.But the reality is that there’s no definitive time frame. It depends. how-long-seo-takes

Outsourcing SEO Team Vs. In-house SEO Team

Outsourcing SEO

Pros Cons
Outsourcing SEO services can be a money saver Selecting the right SEO agency is a tough thing
Less headache related to SEO updates Diverted focus as the agency works for several clients
Benefits of collective knowledge sharing Difficult to prioritize the works
A complete package with maximum benefits You have lesser control on your SEO
Exposure to latest tools and technologies Sharing of confidential data to outside agency

Inhouse SEO

Pros Cons
Easier communication and faster response Managing inhouse SEO and a team of SEO experts in more complex
Knowledge stays within the inhouse team Cost of human resource and Managing SEO is high
Focused and prioritized approach In modern tech world, talent retention is challenging
Full transparency and control on the process and data Lack of other resources like software, tools, systems

How to Select Right Company To Outsource SEO Services



As much as SEO is an essential part of digital marketing, SEO outsourcing stands as a crucial decision to make. Factors like budget and business goals, and benefits like hassle-free focus on credibility and increased ROI for revenue help one consider SEO outsourcing. It in fact has both short-term and long-term implications. Overall, search engine optimization and its outsourcing are considerably a safe decision, given the capacity of the enterprise and careful assessment of the scenario.