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21 Tips to Hire Php Developer

7 September 2022

With the arrival of dynamic websites, businesses of all sectors opt for diverse marketing strategies to outperform the competition.

To boost your company to new heights, you need a complete website that is well-designed and well optimised. Through an easy and user-friendly approach, website visitors are converted into consumers. The website serves as the business' gateway to increase sales and profits.

However, suppose it is poorly designed or does not provide the desired user experience to visitors. It will fail to attract the desired audience, and the business will lose out on potential revenue.

Study says, users usually take 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not to stay on a website, which decides whether the business will be able to establish a market presence.

In such case, you need to revamp your website and a Php developer can help you to take your website to the next level, It can be the most intelligent decision for your business. They also help your business establish a strong presence in the online market.

But hiring a PHP expert can be tricky if you don't follow the proper hiring process. So, here we have compiled some tips that will help you get a software programmer for your business. Let's read on.

What is a PHP Developer?

Before we discuss hiring, let's define what a PHP developer is.

A PHP is a server-side scripting language which allows web developers to design dynamic web pages. It also helps to interact with databases.

Hire Php Developers

It is easy to produce dynamic web pages with PHP, making the language very popular and therefore, this is high demand among web developers and website owners today.

Many established websites on the internet use PHP to design their websites. 79.2% of websites out there use PHP as their programming language.

The job of the PHP expert is to use the scripting language to design websites and create the website, and then it'll go live on the internet for people to see and use.

A developer or freelancer will help anyone set up a professional website from scratch. They will design the front end of the website, the Back end, and all the functionalities and features of the website.

Why and When do You Need to Hire a Php Developer?

Below are a few reasons many people hire PHP web development expert:

To Save Time – As a business owner or manager, your time is precious, and you can't take time away from running your business or other projects to help set up your new business website.

Hiring a professional developer saves you time that you would have spent building your website yourself from scratch without the necessary web development skills and knowledge required to create professional and stunning websites.

To Save Money – Affordability is one of the most critical factors for most people when hiring a professional for anything. As a business, you want to ensure your budget doesn't completely drain out before your business starts seeing a profit or at least a break-even point.

Professional programmer or freelancers offer affordable services, particularly for small businesses and startups looking to set up their online businesses.

Innovation-  These people are among the best in their fields and can introduce you to all the latest web design and development techniques.

A skilled person in this field can easily integrate new functionalities and features into your website. Which helps you integrate other web assets such as social media tools and blogs to improve your customer's experience.

Technical Support- Most professional programmers offer technical support services for their clients. Their support ranges from setting up email addresses to troubleshooting technical issues, like when your site is down or experiencing downtimes.

The PHP expert will help you fix any problems or bugs you encounter while implementing new features into your website or online business.

Beat the Competition- Hiring a php programmer can help you stay ahead of the competition by creating professional and engaging websites that will attract more clients to your business or website.

Scale up Your Business- Programmers will help your business grow exponentially. They will develop your website and online business from scratch, meeting your needs and requirements.

Once your website is built and launched, they will work with you to scale your business with new features and improved functionalities to attract new customers and increase your customer base.

User-friendly Interface- The user-friendly interface is one of the most important aspects of a website. Most of your clients will be looking for the best-looking and most user-friendly website on the internet.

That is where a professional developer will come in handy to create a website that your clients will love using. They will design user-friendly and responsive websites with responsive themes and plugins to help you retain and attract new customers to your website.

Enhance User Experience- If you want to develop better user experiences for your website, you need to hire PHP professionals. Who are creative and knowledgeable in modern technology. They can best drive your viewers to take action and convert them to customers.

Responsive Website- A responsive and mobile-friendly website is critical for every online business today.

Responsive web designs help maximise mobile device features like touch screens and thumb scrolling when designing your websites for improved user experiences.

To Build a Secure Website- Security is essential for every online business today, helping protect sensitive information from cybercriminals and hackers.

Professional PHP developers can create a secure website by incorporating the latest security methods into your website and upskilling you on how to protect and secure your website from hackers and cybercriminals.

Database Management- A website cannot do without a proper database management system, another essential skill that a professional person can bring. They can help develop a website that uses the latest database management systems and helps you organise and store data on your site, improving your sales and revenue opportunities.

When do You Need to Hire a Php Developer?

hire dedicated php developer

When you organise a new business, you need a website. Setting up a website can be time-consuming and overwhelming for a business owner with limited time or resources. A pro will help you set up a professional website that will showcase your business, skills, and products and services to new potential customers.

The developer will also help you integrate a content management system, SEO and other features into your website to improve customer experience and help you grow your business online.

A PHP coder allows you to focus your time and effort on other parts of your growing business without worrying about site maintenance or development technicalities.

So, the best time to hire a PHP developer is when you start your business, preparing your website or online business for the future as it grows and expands.

How much does it cost to hire a Php developer?

The cost depends on their level of expertise and skills, their experience working in your industry, and your business size.

Compared with the Seniority level, a Middle-level developer gets around $60 to $70K. In contrast, as a Junior-level person, it lies around $50K, and as a Seniority level, it lies around $80K as pay.

If you want to hire PHP expert per hour, 35 $ to 50 $ an hour for a junior developer; 40 $ to 60 $ an hour for middle-level folks; and 50 $ to 70 $ an hour for senior-level, an average rate per hour.

Seniority Pay (USD) Seniority Hourly Pay (USD)
Senior level 80K Senior level 50-70
Middle level (60-70)K Middle level 40-60
Jounior level 50K Jounior level 35-50

What are the Benefits of Working With a Professional Php Developer?

Hiring programmers are beneficial for your business growth and success. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional PHP experts.

It's Easy to Collaborate With Them- When you work with an expert, they understand your needs and requirements. And can suggest some of the best ideas based on your needs, ensuring you get the best value for your money and get the best website development or maintenance service.

They Are Experienced- In the digital world, competition is fierce and fiercer by the day; a person with immense experience can help you stay ahead of the pack by creating and maintaining a professional and engaging website for your business or brand. With years of experience in the field, a professional developer understands your business needs and requirements.

Free up Your Time- Time is a valuable asset for any business. Hiring a proficient software person can take a load off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other business areas and grow your business.

Improve Your Website Performance- Professional PHP coders will help you optimise your website performance to boost your business sales and revenue over time. They can help you optimise your website performance.

Meet Your Requirements- developers can create customised and tailored websites for your business and customers, helping you attract more customers to your business.

Reliable- A skilled and experienced developer is reliable and error-free, helping your business run efficiently and smoothly, reducing or eliminating downtimes. It positively impacts your business by improving your brand reputation, sales, and profits.

They Are Fast and Efficient- Experts in this field are efficient and fast when working on your website and web development project. They can help develop and launch your website quickly to help you focus on other business areas or operations without worrying about whether your website is up and running.

Communication- Communication is essential to a successful online project and meeting client requirements. Experienced programmers will work with you to ensure you understand your website and business objectives and help you achieve your business goals with their website maintenance services.

Unique Ideas- Programmers' new and unique ideas can help you increase traffic to your business website and attract new customers to your business. They are familiar with the latest trends in the industry to help you stay ahead of the competition and encourage more sales for your business.

Cost-Effective- Budgets are an essential part of any business and project. Hiring a programmer is a cost-effective option for business owners. You can find affordable developers through different sources online to help you launch your website without spending too much.

Technology- A skilled and professional PHP designer can use the latest web development tools when working on your project and website, helping you take advantage of the latest web development technologies to drive more sales and revenue for your business.

What do advanced Php developers need to know?

Here are the top skills every advanced Php developer should be proficient in

  1. Must have an excellent piece knowledge of PHP.
  2. Mysql, jquery, Angularjs, NodeJS etc., are must-have skills.
  3. Good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and MVC Frameworks.
  4. Strong understanding of application security and the best practices to implement it.
  5. Strong knowledge of SQL.
  6. Should know web performance and its optimisation techniques.
  7. Overall knowledge of current web technologies
  8. Be efficient in problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  9. They should be up to date with the latest web standards.
  10. HTML, CSS and JavaScript must be their part of the coding expertise.
  11. Good communication skill is a must.
  12. They should be able to work well in a team and multi-task.
  13. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology updates is a must!
  14. Cake Php should be their area of expertise.
  15. Think unique and generate ideas to add value.

21 Tips to Hire Php Developer

Hiring a PHP programmer online can be a complex process. It's not as easy as hiring an employee or freelancer with little experience in the industry. Having a reliable and skilled person is essential for your business's success.

Here's some of the useful tips for you hire a Php developer.

  1. Check out the person’s past projects to double-check their experience and skillset before hiring them for a project.
  2. Communicate with them before you hire them for any project.
  3. Ensure they can deliver what they promised you and stick to their deadline.
  4. Check if they have a written contract or agreement before being hired.
  5. Ask the developer to walk you through their previous projects or case studies.
  6. Reviews are one sure way to help you decide on hiring a programmer based on their previous work experiences and other clients' opinions.
  7. Check their portfolio. It will help you determine if the professionals are reliable and with the necessary skillsets and experience for your project.
  8. Discuss and agree on the requirements for your project before you hire them for any project. It will ensure you are on the same page with them and that your requirements are clear and explicit so the developer understands them and can plan the tasks accordingly.
  9. Check the cost they charge for their services and hire the person based on your budget.
  10. Experience matters a lot for a developer, so check how many similar website projects they have completed before.
  11. How good they communicate and talk with you (the client) is extremely important for project completion and success.
  12. Ask for references or testimonials from their previous clients to judge their reliability and professionalism.
  13. Check their recommendations from previous clients or previous employers before hiring them.
  14. Hire an expert that knows and understands your brand and business objectives before agreeing to hire them for your project.
  15. Check many people at once and compare them rather than selecting one developer immediately based on your requirements or budget.
  16. Fulfilling the requirements of your project and your budget are necessary factors in selecting a reliable programmer. Experience is also vital to ensure the success of your project.
  17. Choose a programmer based on their past projects and references rather than choosing the first one you encounter online.
  18. Do a background check on their experience and background before hiring them for any project.
  19. Ask technical questions from them to identify their skills and if they can discuss in-depth their knowledge of web development and technology.
  20. Technical knowledge is significant for any professional programmer, so be sure to hire a PHP developer skilled in the latest technologies and trends.
  21. Examine the attitude of the person towards work.


Q1. When is it recommended to use PHP?

Ans: It is primarily used to create dynamic webpage content. Also, when you need to grant access to developers to the web server for command-line scripting, you can use PHP. But the prime facility of PHP is to provide a strong and user-friendly relationship with HTML. 

Q2. What is PHP?

Ans: It is a scripting language that is used for general purpose scripting. It has a cool feature for complementary design for web development.

Q3. What kind of soft skill sets do you want to check while hiring PHP developers?

And: Along with hardcore technical skills, you also need to check for some essential soft skill sets when you are searching for a PHP expert for your web development purpose. Some of the important aspects are 

  • Clear communication skills
  • Robust knowledge of business and marketing
  • Rapid problem solving mindset
  • Sense of urgency
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Capability to understand the project requirements

Q4. What are the essential checkpoints you need to check before hiring a PHP programmer?

Ans: Before you decide to hire PHP programmers, you need to assess and identify the basic things like

  1. How soon do you need to get the service of an expert?
  2. How many people do you need for the project?
  3. What type of experienced people do you want in your project?
  4. Whether your project can be done with work from anywhere set-up or you need on-site persons only?
  5. What is your budget?

Q5. What are the hiring models for PHP developers?

Ans: There are TWO basic models for hiring PHP experts

Dedicated model: It is based on an hourly model where the cost is calculated on the hours spent on the projects.

Fixed cost model: In this model, the cost of the model is fixed, and there is more clarity and documentation for the financial aspects.

Q6. What are the day-to-day tasks for a PHP developer?

Ans: There are a lot of tasks for a PHP programmer to do on a daily basis. Those works may range from developing new features and functionalities for your website to performing the maintenance activities to ensure the smooth performance of your business page.

Analysis of the codes: Going through the current code and finding out the improvement points is one of the major tasks of a PHP programmer. Cleaning up the bugs in the back-end is also a daily task for them.

Database optimization and new development: An efficient programmer always focuses on optimizing the database to ensure the fast performance of the website. He/she must check that the webpage is loading quickly, it is dynamic, the server is working properly, and also look for new developments as well.

Testing: Testing the website for identifying and rectifying bugs in your web application is another primary task of a PHP expert.

Maintenance: This is the regular activity that the PHP person must do. It includes updating the applications as per the latest version available, analyzing the codes to prevent any errors and glitches, etc.

Q7. How to select an agency to hire PHP developer?

Ans: There are numerous agencies through which you can hire PHP developers for your project. But you need to select the best one that is reliable, experienced, maintains standard business processes, and suits your requirements and budget.

Q8. If the developer works as per the required timezone of the client?

Ans: Yes! We understand the need for the availability of the person whenever you need them. And therefore, we provide the flexibility to the client where they can manage the PHP coders as per their timezone and work priorities.

Q9. Why should you hire a PHP developer from an agency?

Ans: You can find freelance PHP coders from any freelancing platform. But there are some major benefits when you opt to go with an agency like us than a freelancer.

  1. We select people through a proper assessment process, technical and behavioral interviews, and proper background checks. This ensures that you will get a top level person to handle your project.
  1. We have a pool of talented PHP programmers and take steps to enhance their skills. As a standard agency, we develop our team to understand business processes, communication methodologies, and a professional mindset.
  1. As one of the leading software companies, we maintain full transparency with clients and emphasize building a long-term relationship. In this process, there is no hidden part, and everything is well documented to avoid any future discrepancies.
  1. There is always an escalation matrix to mitigate your requirements, and we take all necessary steps to complete your project on time.
  1. By hiring a PHP coder through an agency, you will get a lot of peace of mind.
  1. You can always get extra mile support whenever required if you hire a PHP expert through an agency.

Q10. Do you provide any maintenance or other support?

Ans: Yes! If you hire a PHP developer through us, you will get extended support in all aspects like pre and post hiring responsibilities, extra support if you need any other aspect, and more. 

The Bottom line

In conclusion, these are some of the most valuable tips you can follow to hire a PHP developer for your business or project. Whether you are looking to hire a professional for a project or require their services for website maintenance services, hiring a reliable and skilled person will help you improve your website performance and grow your business in the long run.

What factors do you consider while hiring PHP developers for your projects or business?